Cannot see errors and exceptions in cockpit if they do not result from failed job

Daniel Meyer 7 years ago 0

When executing a job (timers, async continuations, ...) fails, I can see an incident in cockpit and inspect the stacktrace. In situations where the engine gets triggered externally (initially start process instance) or completing a user task, delivering a message, I cannot see any record of the stacktrace in cockpit. In the case where the initial start of the process instance fails, the instance does not even exit at all. While this may be expected behavior for a transactional workflow engine, it is not always what the user wants. One user writes the following:

Es fliegen Incidents (sehe ich in Cockpit), aber ich weiß nicht so richtig wieso (deshalb mache ich ein tail -f catalina.out und dann einen Job Retry, dann sehe ich in der Konsole wo genau die Exception fliegt und warum, sehe ich in Cockpit derzeit nicht), dann fixe ich das in der Delegate Klasse, mache ein Redeploy und dann einen Job Retry.