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I want to send messages and signals to running process instances in cockpit

Jan 7 years ago updated by Franz Heidl 7 years ago 5

There should be a way to send a message or signal to a running process instance in cockpit.

Many Thanks for your feedback Jan! 

Under review

To better understand your request, would this be useful for you more in a development context or also for operations work?

We need this for operations. The current Workaround is to use SouapUI or a similar WS-Client to send messages.

BTW: is there a way to edit the topic? I want to fix my typo ;)

Hi Jan, thanks for getting back! Not sure re editing your post – do you see an 'edit' option on the bottom of each posting?

I can edit the comments but not the title of this feature request.

I don’t think you can do this Jan (or do you see an "Actions" panel on the right with an "Edit" option?), so I have fixed it for you :)