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You’re most welcome! If you have anything else, never hesitate to let us know!

Hi Giovanni,

thanks for being in touch! You actually can deploy from Camunda Cockpit, deployments are part of the paid Enterprise Edition.

Hi, that would be search by name, right? That would indeed be useful…

Hi Diego,

Thanks for being in touch!
Re moving to a newer version of Angular, there’s nothing definite yet. We’re currently concentrating on collecting issues and requests from the community to define where the cockpit will go.

Hi Rodrigo, 

thanks for being in touch!
In fact, we have this exact feature in the Enterprise Edition of Camunda Cockpit.

I don’t think you can do this Jan (or do you see an "Actions" panel on the right with an "Edit" option?), so I have fixed it for you :)

Hi Jan, thanks for getting back! Not sure re editing your post – do you see an 'edit' option on the bottom of each posting?